Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It has now been pretty convincingly proven that "teacher" is a synonym for "cheater", but those with just a bit more than a public "education" have noticed teacher is also an anagram of cheater. Coincidence? Hardly.

So just what put all this "cheat" in "teacher"? First let's not forget this glass arrived half-full as this system has been cheating folks through for over forty years. Budding teachers have been knocking on College of Education doors with little to recommend them beyond themselves -- these are the students who cheerfully inform instructors on the first day of class that they are "A Students".

This is a pretty good start for a career in cheating and colleges do no more to dissuade them than the public schools where they will work.

Once they get that job we the taxpayers foot the bill for "training". In exactly what? Were they not prepared at the college level with a knowledge base at least equivalent to high school? Did they not take enough college courses where everyone puts their chairs in a circle to handle the feel-good, smarmy aspects of the daily battle against childhood and adult ignorance? About all that is left for these hardworking self-sacrificing scholar educators to learn is the system. How it works and how to work it.

And they learn it well. The next to the last thing these "teachers" will do is reform a system providing exhaustive "due process", guaranteed seniority raises and gold plated benefits. The last thing they'll ever do is put a child's education ahead of their own interests.