Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Would Dare...

...Do Such a Thing?

As you may know, the Board of Directors deciding where to locate the Georgia Music Hall of Fame delayed the decision to allow the remaining contestants the opportunity to "sweeten the pot". The new deadline is imminent.

Now suppose you were to hear that one contestant, in identifying itself as the winner, has explicitly named another to be a loser. In fact, this self-appointed winner offers to double-down on this loser. How? Glad you asked.

The party of the first part, the alleged winner, intends to have the party of the second part, the aforementioned loser, do all the heavy lifting associated with restoring and maintaining all the artifacts comprising the GMHF assets, whilst they, the party of the first part, will take all the power, glory and money that comes with being the controlling and public facing entity. To really salt up the wound, the party of the first part never even discussed this matter with the party of the second part. Rather, they went directly to the GMHF committee, and the public, with the plan.

So, the question still stands: "who would dare do such a thing?" Well, if you guessed "Dunwoody", you would be correct. Or, if this quiz show runs like Jeopardy!, your response in the form of a question might be "who the hell do these arrogant SOBs in Dunwoody think they are?"

Hopefully this is just the question the GMHF Board is currently pondering. If the unadulterated arrogance of Dunwoody Music Conservancy Retail Organization is not adequately repulsive to the Board, then heaven help the GMHF.