Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Seriously now folks, pointing out the flawed personalities that have driven DeKalb County Schools to a state of irreparable dysfunction and near collapse is not all that interesting and it certainly isn't surprising. Nor is it, or the public school system, all that important. Think about it. If the schools were really that important, you think we'd have let them deteriorate like this? Don't you think people would have put aside their petty self-interests long ago to support the common good?

Yet based on page traffic, almost as much in 48 hours as the site normally gets in a month (except the time it was suggested Dunwoody might land freaknik), one would think The Other Dunwoody had posted the secret of turning lead into gold.

To what can this be attributed? Are delicate sensibilities offended at the F-Bomb? Is that offense somehow titillating? Or, has America's Sacred Cow, public education, been once again exposed for the Bull it really is? Given the furor over the notion that [Tiger] Mom Makes A Difference, and a significantly smarter and better educated child, let us agree it is the latter.

Given that, and now that we have your attention, The Other Dunwoody would be remiss were it not to offer common sense actions that improve the efficacy of education, particularly the fundamentally flawed public education system.

Stay tuned for the upcoming post.