Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rights Righted

As of this Tuesday, with Governor Purdue's signing of Senate Bill 308, it is now practical for the citizens of Dunwoody to exercise their Second Amendment Rights. This bill removes the rather peculiar eighth of a mile halo around schools, public and private, that previously made otherwise legal carry by licensed, law abiding citizens virtually impossible in Dunwoody.

Some may wonder why anyone would or should be allowed to carry in Dunwoody, and probably are not receptive to the straightforward explanation that it is a constitutional right. Nor are they likely to accept the view that a citizen ought to be afforded the option of self-protection. Now keep in mind, some of these are the same folks who proudly displayed the yard signs welcoming a double-sized Dunwoody Police Force with the by-line "Bad Guys Beware!". But you cannot issue a such a warning without implying "Good Guys Be AWARE!" And the harsh reality is that outside of infrequent coincidences police show up after the crime, no matter how violent. If you don't want to become a passive victim you need to be pro-active.

Given that law enforcement is by necessity reactive and non-preventative, there is no justification for local governments to start playing soldier by establishing paramilitary forces (e.g., anti-terrorist, SWAT, and narcotics teams) that have a rather spotty record including the death of innocent, law-abiding citizens. Pop Quiz: how many SWAT team members are needed to clear the corpses left by a lunatic who kills and then commits suicide or simply turns himself in? Answer: not as many as needed to cover up after a no-knock warrant is "executed" at the wrong address. What these Tories see through their rosy lenses and blinding, flag-waving civic pride, is a parade of the Noble Uniformed who they believe could never fall prey to history or the failings of other, similar organizations. Not here. This is Dunwoody.

But the Second Amendment isn't really about self protection and even a casual study of American history of the mid to late 1700's reveals that the Bill of Rights was put in place to protect the citizens of a new nation. And it is equally clear from whom our founding fathers knew we needed protection.